The school was started in 1982 by Late H M Gor, a retired East African railway guard and a teacher and his son’s Shri Ravindranath Gor, Shri Kaushiklal Gor, Shri Kalpesh Gor, Daughter Nirmala Gor. Yuvak Vikas samitee Trust was formed in the year 1984 and has been managing the School since then. It maintains a high standard of education and is proved from the results.

We deliver acclaimed training, quality improvement and family learning programmes, since 1982, offer information, advice, teaching and care and upbringing to early year’s professionals and parents and campaign to positively influence childcare, child education policy and practice, teaching in small classroom size, combining high quality teaching with traditional values of courtesy and respect.

Angel English school part of charitable trust Yuvak Vikas Samitee provides childcare services include the direct‑management of children’s centres, breakfast and after school clubs, nurseries, pre‑schools, Kinder Garden, Primary school Standard I to VII tutorial and parent and toddler groups. Our settings actively involve parents, families, partners, volunteers and the local community at all stages of delivery.

Our Values and Beliefs

  • Children come first
  • Parents are most important educators
  • Learning through play
  • Parents are partners
  • Volunteers are important
  • Inclusive practice
  • Community is key
  • Early years is a foundation
  • Quality matters
  • Early years has a voice

Our Mission

  • Help children to succeed

  • Create the childcare that families need, build learning communities

  • To provide education and rehabilitation services to children and to provide training as a method of ensuring standards of excellence.

  • Provide solid foundation to our students & to prepare the children for life by promoting physical, intellectual, social, moral, emotional and spiritual development through innovative approaches to curricular and co-curricular activities.

  • Provide integral development for the human personality achievement & academic excellence from early childhood.

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We are Committed to

Special care and personal attention to all Angels

Creating an environmentally friendly atmosphere

One of the many our school aims for the integral development for the human personality achievement and academic excellence from the very childhood, in the play way manner.

The school aims not only at the success in examination but also training of its students as future leaders by developing their self confidence, power of mind, memory, imagination and the feelings in balance and harmony through graded responsibility and personal and social awareness to encourage the child to be curious about what he knows and what he does not know.

The basic principle of teaching approach is teaching the children in free atmosphere like Ravindranath Tagore’s SHANTI NIKETAN without any psychological pressure so as to instill love in place of fear among children towards teachers and school.

Our Vision:

Our vision is of a society where all children with educational needs and skills development needs have access to the specialist services they require to live more fulfilled and independent lives.

Our Values:

The foundation of Angel English School is committed to making a lasting change in the lives of all children with skills gap, educational needs, special needs due to various needs from mental, physical, financial or illness.

  • Our passion is to provide only the BEST. Each and every parent wants the best for their child and so do we.

  • Our approach to each and every child is tailor-made to their individual needs so that we can bring out the best in them.

  • We pay individual attention which is easily manageable due to our small classroom size. Thus we achieve a family atmosphere, which has proved very successful.

  • We believe that learning should be fun and each and every child should love their school.

  • We make these happen without losing sight of traditional values such as good manners, mutual respect and kindness. These values are as important as anything else that we teach at Angel English School.

  • We provide a stimulating, caring and safe environment for all students in our care.

  • We actively promote the development of positive self-image within all our students.

  • We provide an atmosphere which makes the student, as well as their parents, happy and comfortable within our premises.

  • We create a developed and an appropriate pre-school curriculum to meet the needs of each individual student.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development:

  • Establishing constructive relationships with learner’s, parents and practitioners; providers, teachers.

  • Finding opportunities to give positive encouragement to learners.

  • Planning activities for learner’s to work alone and in small and large groups.

  • Ensuring that learner’s have time to focus on activities and develop their own interests.

  • Planning activities that promote emotional, spiritual, moral and social development alongside intellectual development.

  • Collaborating with Education provider to enhance quality education and skills development of staff

Communication, Language & Literacy:

  • Opportunities to speak and listen and represent ideas in their activities.

  • Using communication, language and literacy in every part of the curriculum.

  • Being immersed in an environment rich in print and opportunities for communication.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World:

  • Practical activities allowing children to experience a range of new and exciting opportunities.

  • Interaction with each other and with adults.

  • Gathering information about those activities and experiences.

  • Developing the crucial knowledge, skill and understanding to help children make sense of the world.


We have an excellent team of experienced early years and child care staff, several of whom have been with us for more than ten years and many of whom have (or had) their own children with us. We operate a minimum ratio of 1 adult to 12 children (or 1 to 4 for children under 3 years old). Our team comprises the Centre Manager, Playgroup Supervisor, Academic Teachers, Care-takers, Cleaning Staff, Gardener, Peons, etc.


At Angel English School, we always thrive to offer the safest environment for our students. The classrooms, passages, compound and the nearby area is thoroughly checked and maintained at its best in regards to the health and safety of our students, as well as our staff.

All the classrooms are fully ventilated to have a pleasant atmosphere. Sitting arrangements are done as per the age groups of the students. Play-zone is within the compound which gives complete safety to all our students. Indoor and Outdoor games are available for all age groups of students. Urinals and toilets are clean and hygienic. Drinking water facility is available. Special care is taken of all the students’ cleanliness. Sports, Dancing, Yoga, Drawing and Craft support and teaching are provided.