UPADHYAY TRUPTI Dedicated elementary teacher

Dedicated elementary teacher with a full-time teaching career. Offer a proven track record of commended performance teaching grades – Pre Primary as well as Lower Primary with a passion for education and an unwavering commitment to optimizing student and school success.

  • ● Established positive relationships with students, parents, fellow teachers and school administrators/staff.
  • ● Quickly became a “first-to-call” resource in current substitute teaching role, typically working six days per week. Personally requested by many full-time teachers to take over their classrooms during absences.
  • Trupti is most respected senior teacher and a solid team member.


BHAGAT FALGUNI Enthusiastic. Effective. Passionate

A full time teacher with a proven record of helping children progress, providing positive learning experiences as well as building and maintaining effective behaviour management systems. Enjoys sharing knowledge, inspiring both children and adults. Experienced in leading, adept at training, motivating and developing others. Widely experienced with pupils who have special needs.

  • ● Providing full learning experience and support for students beyond set classes, working with pupils experiencing barriers to learning across the academic range
  • ● Special responsibility for diversity and creativity
  •    Specialise in teaching students of standard I & above. She has a very cool approach to teach her students.




Passionate teacher with experience providing support: organizing classroom and instructing / tutoring students. Diligent with high work and moral standards. Amicable and intuitive with effective communications with children, parents and all the school staffs and management.


“Offering to promote physical, mental and social development”

Working as a Pre-Primary Teacher at Angel English School, Maninagar, Ahmedabad since May 2016



Devoted teaching professional with the gift to reach each and every student and
instil a live for learning. Demonstrated talent for designing age-appropriate lessons and activities that teach fundamental academic and socialization skills. Proven ability for offering individualized support, ensuring that all students’ unique needs and goals are met. Enthusiastic person, who sends out additional resources to promote education in the home; encourages parents to participate in school events.

Develop and instruct age-appropriate lesson plans that encourage physical, emotional, social and academic growth. Maintain individual student portfolios including skills checklists, labelled work samples and narrative reports on areas needing improvement. Interact extensively with parents to provide regular progress reports. Showcase children’s work to boast their self-esteem and to keep them motivated.



PATEL MAUNI has approached each and every aspects of the work involved in teaching our students with eager anticipation. She has written exclusive detailed and well thought out plans inspite of the fact that during this entire student teaching experience she has maintained her responsibilities; her lessons have been thought out and professional. She has been always willing to adjust any parts of her lessons, she thought can be improved.

Her classroom managing style which sees us closer to that of a veteran teacher than to the student teacher she is. Her maturity in dealing with the students has been evident and, as a result, commanded real respect from the students.